Ultimate Goalie Training Review

If you are wondering about Ultimate Goalie Training REVIEW, Hockeytrainingpro.com reputation, or…is Ultimate Goalie Training System 2.0 SCAM or The Real Deal? You’ve come to the right place.

What is Ultimate Goalie Training Program?

Ultimate Goalie Training ReviewThe Ultimate Goalie Training System 2.0 is built to help healthy goalies win more games with fewer injuries by focusing on mobility, stability and strength before getting into speed and power training. This is a serious training program that delivers serious most current listings for dedicated goalies. Maria L Mountain, MSc has already established over a decade to build these training systems and she’d be happy to help you transform into the goalie you desire being.

Ultimate Goalie Training System 2.0 Benefits

  • Maximing Potential Your Off Ice Goalie And Skaters
  • Strategies to Make Goalies More Flexible And Explosive
  • Specific Off Ice Training For Hockey Goalies And Skaters

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Ultimate Goalie Training Review

Some testimonials or comments about it:

I do this program since one month. The training is very complete for a goalie. Each training have 3 phase : Strenght, Mobility (core) and Flexibility with good explanation and video. It’s too early for a conclusion but I think it’s a good program.

It is a OK program. Its more of something you’ll do when you are already fit and focusing on goaltending. It won’t get you fit if you are not motivated. It’s basically a book. Most of the stuff is on youtube.com from different sources. It comes with alot of instructional videos showing you how the exercises are done. It comes down to good reference material. It’s hard for someone to know how hard to work w/o someone as a benchmark when doing the workout. The program is good if you do it with a trainer or another person , but if you do it by yourself it gets boring. Look at P90X and Insanity for workouts it takes it to the next level.

I’ve been doing the UGT(Ultimate Goalie Training) program for about 2 weeks and have already felt the results. It really works your core, which I have found to really help with shooting the puck and recovery stuff. I have become more flexible and some injuries that I was feeling before I started the UGT(Ultimate Goalie Training) have subsided. I haven’t started any of the speed workouts yet, as those happen in a later phase. It seems to work pretty well. By looking at the exercises it seems kind of easy, but it’s all what you put in to it. After the first strength day, I was sore as hell. I have been lifting since the beginning of May doing heavier weights, so it’s not like I just started doing any training. But by the end of the first week, I felt stronger and able to recover better from my workouts. I think it is a pretty good program and can really help you as a goaltender. Maybe not as a body builder though.

I have played my first game in two month this week. After one month of UGT(Ultimate Goalie Training), I have seen a great difference. My legs was game ready, no lactic acid, my core is more strong than before. Better movements, more athletic save, better butterfly recovery. I’m impress !!

So, I have finished the summer program since 3 week and begin the on season program, 2 times a week because I play 5 games par week since 3 week. I can say i’m in better shape than the previous year. The main difference is the endurance of my leg. I’m never tired during the game and my recovery is a lot better too. I can play 4 days in row without problem. Playing is a lot more fun now. Sometimes, I tought the program was too easy and the result would not be there after the 12 weeks. It’s nothing like the 600 pounds leg press I was doing in the past. I worked very hard but the result never come. I’m convinced now, it works. Ha, and I lost probably 10-15 pounds of muscle. I trained like a bodybuilder before with big weight.

Ultimate Goalie Training
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