Social Metrics Pro Review

You probably have observed another Social Metrics Pro Review but none of them shows you that Social Metrics Pro SCAM or certainly not!. In our Unbiased and Honest one, could tell you how put a lot of things about Social Metrics Pro that suite for your need…

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Social Metrics Pro Review

Social Metrics Pro Review

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Social Metrics Pro is a social networking analytics plug-in for WordPress that permits you to track tweets, likes, pins, +1s, as well as others from your WordPress dashboard. If you wish to measure your social signals the way in which Google sees it and also you wish you accomplish first page rankings with social signals, than the plug-in is good for you.

If you feel social media marketing analytics is complicated, Social Metrics Pro could make you think otherwise. It absolutely was made to be simple and also to offer you all the information that you’ll require without complicating things. If you are merely a beginner, things is going to be being a breeze when you’ve got it.

Social Metrics Pro offers numerous product or service benefits. Besides giving you the ability to watch or track social activity across social media marketing networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, this plug-in also enables you to search, sort, and filter your computer data how you want it. This step shall assist you to identify which posts are performing best which social networking. It sports Excel-like conditional formatting and uses colors to point high or low social networking activity.

With Social Metrics Pro, you are able to export data to Excel for additional analysis. This plug-in can also be widgets and extensions ready, works with WordPress 3.3+, and supports 1-click auto-update functionality. Many people have owned this plug-in and the’ve positive what to say about this. Try it out and see ways to take advantage of this plug-in too.

Social Metrics Pro can be obtained for single site and something domain or multi-site and unlimited domains. You’ll receive free lifetime updates and support whenever you download this plug-in.

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Social Metrics Pro Customer Testimonial

Our entire marketing strategy relies on social media. Each post on the site has viral potential, but we needed one place to see which social networks are performing the best for us…We went ahead and got the PRO Version of Social Metrics.  – Syed Balkhi

Social Metrics Pro is the essential plugin we use to monitor how our content performs on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. It’s simple, neat and works precisely as you would expect it. When we work with our clients such as T-Mobile, the .Me domain name registry and others, Social Metrics Pro is the plugin we use to create reports as well as keep track on each bit of content to optimize it for future performance. – Ivan Brezak Brkan

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