Petsumer Report Review

Welcome to my Petsumer Report Review. you can tell what the label does not! That’s right! It’s an online database of pet food reviews that have been developed and compiled by Susan Thixton. Who knows that your dog or cat foods contained chemicals linked to cancer, right?

Petsumer Report ReviewMy Petsumer Report Review

Petsumer Report is an online database of pet food reviews. If you’re concerned about what your pet is eating, this resource is perfect for you. You’ll learn what different types of pet food really contains, whether the ingredients are imported, the quality of the meats used in the food and how the ingredients can affect your pet’s health.

Creator Susan Thixton says that many pet foods contain harmful chemicals that can cause cancer. In addition, many manufacturers are still using poor quality ingredients imported from China, even though some Chinese ingredients were linked to the deaths of hundreds of cats and dogs back in 2007. As if that’s not bad enough, some manufacturers are using cans containing BPA, another chemical linked to cancer. What’s worse is this information isn’t on pet food labels. So how are you going to learn the truth about your pet’s food? Petsumer Report will give you the answers.

The database contains vital information on more than 1,700 brands of dog food, cat food and pet treats. A year of access can be yours for only $17.95.  >>> Download Petsumer Report  …

Petsumer Report Real User Review

In less than an hour I was able to find the right food – I just subscribed to Petsumer Reports today and in less than an hour I was able to do all the research I needed to find the right food for my dog. He has been eating XXX but the high protein seems to be too rich for his stomach, so I was on the hunt for a new food. [Wendy]

I’m a brand new subscriber for your Petsumer Report and want to first appreciate the job you’re doing. I have been attempting to feed my dog a healthier diet for months, but kept reading conflicting and confusing advice. Your report provides me with an easy-to-use, reliable resource. Many thanks for all you work. [Tyler R. Miles]

You’re the best. We actually appreciate these details. We’d a 2 years old Golden retriever that died from bloating and subsequent surgeries in the past. Long story short, if we’d a few of the information you provide then, he may be alive. A minimum of we are able to keep our current golden happy and healthy because of both you and your efforts. Thanks to you.  [Jordan J. Butler]

The information has opened my eyes!! – I am fostering a dog, one who is a very picky eater. When I began the process of deciding what food to give her, I poured over all the evaluations before choosing a brand. The information provided in this report is not available anywhere else! The information has opened my eyes to what is really in pet food and pet treats. Anyone who wants to really understand the value of the ingredients in their chosen pet food should subscribe to the  Petsumer Report. [Debby]

Get Petsumer Report right now, and catch the truth on your pet foods!

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