List Building Avalanche Review

List Building Avalanche Review – The Big List Building Debate

List Building Avalanche

So the ongoing debate surrounding list builidng goes something like this… Some say “The money is in the list” whereas others argue “The money’s in the relationship you have with your list”

But I’ve recently heard another take on this which seems to make perfect sense, Internet Marketer Keith Wilson from the UK, suggests this,

“The money’s in the relationship you have with your BUYERS list”

Let’s take a closer look to see why this could change the mindset of so many would be “Internet Marketers”

Wherever you look online you’ll constantly find references to growing your list as big as you possibly can, which to a certain extent, is correct but there’s others things to consider and without all the facts, you can easily lose your shirt.

Imagine you’re taking the advice from the masses and doing everything you possibly can to grow your list as quick and as big as you can. Over a period of time you manage to achieve a subscriber base of 15,000 PROSPECTS, which incidentally, isn’t that difficult once you understand the machanics of list building, but more on that in a minute


But is it really that great?

Well no because subscribers don’t equate to cold, hard cash and although there’s regular discussions that on average, each subscriber should be worth $1 per month to you, in reality for most people, that’s simply not true

Also consider your infrastructure costs,

List Building AvalancheThe most popular auto-responder system on the planet is Aweber and if you have more than 10,000 subscribers but less than 25,000, that’s going to set you back $130 a month, which obviously isn’t a show stopper for most businesses but nonetheless, it’s an outlay that needs to be addressed if it’s not returning any PROFIT

Flip that on its head and imagine you’ve got a much smaller list of just 350 individuals but all of these have bought from you in the past, then the only cost from Aweber’s perspective is $19 a month instead of $130 a month but much more important, is that these individuals have already raised their hand and told you they like what you

So my point is this,

If you’re not already doing so, start recording the names and email addresses of every single person that buys from you and move those individuals into a totally separate list (easy to do in Aweber), away from your FREE subscribers

Forget the myth about building the biggest list you possibly can because if it’s just full of tire kickers, quite frankly, they’re a total waste of your time, effort and money and yes, I know the idea is to nurture your prospects into paying customers and that’s absolutely true but you must concentrate your efforts where you’re going to get the very best return on your investment

It just makes sense doesn’t it?

Your list of BUYERS then becomes your biggest business asset because they have proved to you that they’re extremely interested in your products and services as they’ve already parted with the money, so therefore there’s a very good chance if you serve them well and provide them with additional buying opportunities, either with your own products or others as an affiliate, they’ll come to trust everything you do and as a result, will invest more money with you and your business

Market vigorously to this group of highly targeted and responsive people and you’ll achieve great success from all your efforts.

But… but be warned, you must also still continue to provide them with amazing value and FREE content as well, otherwise they’ll quickly become despondent and unsubscribe in a flash

If you want to learn more about not only building a list but also how to sustain it once it’s built, check out the amazing List Building Avalanche system at List Building Avalanche.

This program guides you through the entire process of creating a great foundation for your campaigns, designing profit pulling squeeze pages and also, how to drive tons of traffic using a variety of proven strategies

It’s definitely a system I recommend with 100% confidence

That link again is List Building Avalanche but be quick because I know the introductory price won’t last very long.

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