EasyQuit System Review

EasyQuit System ReviewHi! here. Welcome to this Pete Howells EasyQuit System Review. Is the EasyQuit System as easy as it sounds? The EasyQuit System has a very bold promise that you can quit smoking in as little as 3 hours. Here’s my personal review coming from an ex-smoker stand point.

What is EasyQuit System?

EasyQuit System is a 100 page e-book that will show you not only how to quit smoking, but also how to actually lose the desire to smoke ever again. The method behind the success of this book is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The same method has been used for decades by doctors and psychologists to get patients off heroin, alcohol and other addictive drugs. EasyQuit System will help you break down your smoking habit into several smaller parts that you’ll find easier to overcome.

EasyQuit System Official site

EasyQuit System Include:

You’ll learn the underlying truths about the psychology of smoking. This will help you understand why you smoke and what you can do to get rid of this habit. In the EasyQuit System you’ll discover:

  •     The biggest reason why most smokers are never able to quit and how to go about this problem,
  •     The key to understanding why you have failed in the past,
  •     How the nicotine addiction really works and why it isn’t so strong as most people believe,
  •     The decisions you must make prior to quitting and which decisions you need to avoid (as they can almost guarantee that you will fail),
  •     ‘Outside the box’ thinking that will help you permanently quit smoking,
  •     How you can use the three pillars guarantee, so that you’ll never again want to smoke another cigarette
  •     22 core beliefs that almost all smokers have and how you can eliminate them one by one,
  •     Why substituting cigarettes with chewing gum, food, sweets or water will almost certainly lead to failure,
  •     And more…

Using the EasyQuit System you’ll finally say goodbye to cigarettes. You’ll be able to quit once and for all, as the book will effectively show you how to eliminate the core reason for your nicotine habit – the desire to smoke.

EasyQuit System The Good

  •     It’s Fast: The Easy Quit System takes just under three hours to get through.
  •     It’s Natural: CBT is a method undertaken by psychiatrists to help patients get off much harder drugs. This method does not involve any prescription medications of any kind.
  •     Money Back Guarantee: 100% for 8 Weeks

EasyQuit System The Bad

  •     No support, but this self-help system is designed so you don’t need to rely on the backup of others.

Is EasyQuit System Worth Buying?

I know there are people who will immediately say Impossible or are skeptical about what a book about quitting smoking can do. Well, the EasyQuit System book tells you about how everyone has been brainwashed into thinking those so called helpful expensive products will help you stop smoking; the ones you may or may not have already tried, like nicotine patches, gum.

For a price that you would probably spend on cigarettes in a week or maybe even shorter than that, it is definitely a worthwhile buy in exchange for all the money you can save from NOT BUYING CIGARETTES anymore! Besides, you have a full 8 week money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with The EasyQuit System. Think about it. With this type of guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. There’s NO RISK!

The product design is not as slick and nice looking. The ecover of the EasyQuit System book is not the greatest and looks outdated. But let me assure you that the contents of this 100 page, 32 chapter book is worth every single cent.

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