Betta Care Made Easy Review

Adam Short Betta Care Made Easy ReviewHello and thanks for visiting this Adam Short betta care made easy review, When Betta Care Made Easy first hit the market a number of years back, it created a stir for a number of reasons. First of all, it was an ebook. This format was sort of experiemental and foreign when the book was first being sold, and many people were hesitant to hand over their credit card number for something they couldn’t actually hold in their hands. Nowadays, that isn’t so much of an issue as internet users know that as much value or more can be found for the same price online as offline.

Betta Care Made Easy Review – Introduction

Adam Short has written an excellent guidebook about Betta Fish. It’s certainly the most effective guide your money can buy and is around half the price tag on many of the other guides available. Adam Short, the guide’s author, has become a Betta fish breeder and enthusiast more than 25 years, and his extensive experience definitely shows when reading the guide.

Because i myself have been keeping and breeding Betta catch a long time, I was still capable to learn some quite interesting facts from this guide. The beauty of it is how simply Adam Short lays everything out – he removes any confusion and uncertainty along with his clear writing style.

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Betta Care Made Easy Review – The Good Points

A few of the highlights I found and planned to point out in this Betta Care Made Easy Review were this guide is really efficient at preparing the novice Betta Fish owner to keep a happy Betta fish. It clearly and merely lays out different strategies, thoughts, and instruction on preserving your Betta tank, the plants and substrate within the tank, medicines as well as other important things you should have with your aresenal, and much more. Some of the really effective strategies inside the guide include:

  1. A fantastic set of checklists for maintaining happy bettas. This consists of a perfect medicine checklist, shopping online list, and aquarium checklist. Buy these items once and you’ll have a cheerful and healthy Betta for the very long time.
  2. The most effective types of lighting on your Betta fish. I had been surprised to find out the wrong type of lighting will surely annoy or even harm your Betta. After i made the change Adam Short recommends, I immediately noticed a positive change in my Bettas.
  3. A very simple and effective technique for ensuring your tank never gets too hot, including a complete self-help guide to the best heaters and thermometers available (and a way to save money buying them).
  4. The easiest method to choose a healthy, young Betta from your store. You’ll find nothing even worse than coming back home from the store using a sick or older Betta fish. This happened in my experience the first time I bought a Betta, i was heartbroken. Don’t let it take place!
  5. The right sort of substrate and why this can be so important to maintaining a clean tank. Other plants which can be easy to grow and good at cleaning the tank from ammonia and bacteria while adding oxygen to the water.
  6. 5 things you need to do before placing your Betta in their new tank.

Betta Care Made Easy Download FreeIf you are like me, even if you discover how to do something you can sometimes forget one particular step. Betta Care Made Easy reviews several important items when tending to Bettas and puts them in checklist format. Since buying this informative guide, I’ve used their checklists for up to every aspect of caring for my Bettas no longer forget some of the important steps involved with treating the water, keeping medicine, or some different. For that reason alone the guide has been well worth it.

Betta Care Made Easy Review – Conclusion

If you would like a relatively short, simple guide that’s clearly written in an effort to always be certain you perform the steps necessary keeping in mind your Betta fish happy and healthy, then this is the guide in your case. It really is inexpensive (selling for just $14.77 at the time of this writing) which is well worth it. If you move through this guide once and do mainly because it says, preparing the tank on and on through all the checklists, you’ll have very simple time taking care of your Betta fish, and that he can be really happy and healthy for years.

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